A comprehensive and innovative way to boost employee engagement and cultivate improved self-esteem, designed to reduce turnover and enhance employee reliability in the corporate service industry.

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Transform the corporate landscape with TOPUCU for Corporate Services, an innovative program tailored to elevate employee engagement and foster self-esteem within the dynamic realm of corporate services. As businesses strive for comprehensive solutions to enhance productivity and create a positive work culture, TOPUCU for Corporate Services distinguishes itself through its evidence-based approach, empowering employees with essential skills in self-awareness, effective self-management, optimistic decision-making, and the cultivation of reliable and committed work habits.



The TOPUCU for Corporate Services program seamlessly aligns with the growing emphasis on Social Emotional Learning (SEL) within corporate environments, complementing initiatives to enhance employees' emotional intelligence, interpersonal skills, and overall well-being. Here's how the TOPUCU corporate program integrates with SEL initiatives:

8 out of 10


Say that social and emotional skills are the most important to success and yet are the hardest skills to find.

Social and Emotional Development produces an 11-percentage point gain in performance.

9 out of 10


Believe social and emotional skills can be taught.


Employee Engagement, Team Collaboration, Leadership Effectiveness, Conflict Resolution, Communication Skills, Job Satisfaction, and Positive Organizational Culture


Turnover Rates, Workplace Stress, Negative Conflict, Leadership Ineffectiveness, Job Dissatisfaction, and Unhealthy Work Culture


Across corporate environments, an increasing number of businesses are witnessing promising outcomes with TOPUCU for Corporate Services, driven by research that correlates it with positive results such as enhanced employee engagement and reduced turnover rates.

The TOPUCU Corporate Services program, rooted in Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) principles, leads to increased prosocial behaviors within the workplace, fostering attributes like collaboration, empathy, and shared responsibility. Additionally, it has been shown to elevate employee reliability and satisfaction, contributing to a more positive organizational culture.

TOPUCU for Corporate Services, an evidence-based SEL program, is designed to cultivate self-awareness, effective self-management, optimistic decision-making, and goal-directed behavior among employees. Our comprehensive seven-step program imparts principles that drive transformative changes within the corporate landscape.

TOPUCU and Accepted Standards for Workforce Development Programs:

National Soft Skills Standards:

Various organizations define soft skills standards, emphasizing interpersonal skills, communication, and professionalism. TOPUCU addresses these standards by fostering habits that contribute to effective soft skill development.

Employability Skills Framework:

The U.S. Department of Education's Employability Skills Framework outlines essential skills for career success. TOPUCU addresses many of these skills, including communication, teamwork, critical thinking, and professionalism.

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act:

WIOA is a federal legislation that emphasizes workforce development. TOPUCU aligns with WIOA goals by promoting skill development, career pathways, and access to education and training for job seekers.

A peek inside the program:

lesson one: habits

Lesson one is about habits and the three components: Trigger, Routine and Reward. We focus on the “Routine” as the one component of habit that you can actually control. Dissect the Trigger to understand the “Why” behind every habit. Develop new routines that line up with what you are trying to accomplish.

lesson two: motivation

We introduce the “Scales of Motivation” as a guide to why you may or may not be doing something. Evaluate the scales to see which part of the formula needs to be adjusted in order to keep moving toward your goals. We also explore two forms of motivation: External and Internal. Enjoy External motivation, but live through Internal motivation.

lesson three: pain

We talk about “Pain” and discomfort as a critical part of positive transformation. We teach that the pain you’ll experience during your change is nothing compared to the pain you may feel if you decide to stay in your current situation.

lesson Four: the seven e’s

The Seven E’s represent the way thoughts enter and affect your mind. You’ve got to stop the negative thoughts at the first E, “Entrance” and, conversely, you need to nurture the positive thoughts all the way through the final E - “Enveloped”. Our thoughts become our words. Our words become our actions. Our actions become our habits. And our habits define who we are.

lesson five: visualization

“Visualization” - seeing it and achieving it. Think of an image on a puzzle box to illustrate the idea of having a picture of what you’re reaching for. If you cannot visualize where you want to be at the end of your journey, then the chances of ever starting that journey are slim to none. Visualize your goal and reach for it one piece at a time.

lesson six: value of time

We explore the “Value of Time”. Make a list of the six most important tasks to accomplish each day and work to optimize the 168 hours you have in each week. True lasting transformation takes time - using that time wisely and effectively creates change.

lesson seven: burn the bridge

Identify and visualize challenges that are keeping you from changing or causing you to go back to your old habits, put them on top of that bridge and blow them up! Be committed to your future self.

The second part of TOPUCU is the FINISHER Program. Here, we guide you through the process of taking an inventory of your life. We’ll break it down into sections like family, education, health, work and more. This activity leads to the creation of a Personal Mission Statement for your life. We’ll get to the core of who you are and help you lay out specific, positive statements about yourself that will keep you motivated and on track to being the best person you can be each day.

Then we identify specific and attainable SMART Goals for every area of your life. We teach you about four types of time-sensitive goals. These goals become the ultimate key to seeing true positive transformation.

topUcu is trusted by 250,000+ people worldwide


"I found TOPUCU to be very impactful in my life and I’m really grateful for the ownership of my company for allowing the program to be part of the workplace.  I certainly benefited from it a lot and I trust and hope that others will as well."

Taylor H, Director of Fulfillment


"The part of the TOPUCU program that had the biggest impact on me was lesson five, Finish Before You Start.  TOPUCU gave me the tools and the roadmap to do just that – to visualize myself as the person I want to be.  That’s a powerful tool! took a lot of this home and shared it with my family."

Steel Lab Technician


"I was really able to stop, take a deep breath, and really look introspectively to determine who I wanted to become and how do I get there.  TOPUCU gave me the principles and tools to be able to do that well and I will forever be grateful for that."

Brand Engineer Manager


"We’ve always been taught our entire life that a great attitude and hard work will get you to where you want to go.  The point most of us are missing is the roadmap, or the mission statement as TOPUCU puts it.  Put the hard work and the great attitude with a roadmap and you can do amazing things."

Support Center Director


"It’s worth it!  TOPUCU can improve every single aspect of your life.  A little bit of hard work in the beginning … huge payoff in the end."

Samantha T, Sr Customer Service Rep


"TOPUCU allowed me to go back and really establish goals.  It gave me the time to sit down and reflect on what goals I really wanted to go after."

Juanita F, Controller


"The biggest surprise for me with TOPUCU was its powerful simplicity.  It’s a simple conversation between you and you. "

Support Center Director


"I feel like the TOPUCU program set me up for success and it gave me good guidance, and a good strategy, to work on goals in an effective manner."

Director of Fulfillment