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TOPUCU is a program designed to transform thinking and actions. Consider it a training camp for the mind. In the area of personal development it makes what seems complex – understandable. And what seems insurmountable – obtainable.

The program offers 7 Steps with in-depth teachings on breaking bad habits, setting goals, staying motivated, time management and much more. It’s based on the secrets that successful people have been using for years – athletes, entertainers, CEOs, innovators, and pioneers around the globe.

It's Not About Information.



To equip people with principles to identify and change habits, make better decisions, manage their time, develop a clear mission and goals to ultimately transform their lives.​


To be a leading provider of proven transformational programs that enhance the lives of those who have been uninformed or underserved.


Our time, energy and resources are dedicated to providing grants to provide TOPUCU programming and services to individuals, families, and the community to help facilitate positive life transformation.



Pat Mulder, President

Norm Mulder, Treasurer

Kim Williams, Secretary

Phyllis Mulder, Board Trustee

Norm Hills, Board Trustee


Have an organization that would benefit from TOPUCU, but lacks the financial support to do so? Empower positive change in your organization with a TOPUCU grant. Our evidence-based program fosters growth and transformation across various industries. Whether you're a school, community organization, or corporation, TOPUCU offers a comprehensive solution to address challenges and cultivate success. Apply now and bring the transformative power of TOPUCU to your organization, fostering a more positive and resilient community.


Providing Help To At Risk Youth, Offenders, And Their Families.

Join us in making a meaningful impact by supporting TOPUCU through your generous donation. Our evidence-based programs empower individuals to transform their lives positively. With your contribution, we can extend the reach of TOPUCU, fostering personal development, reducing recidivism, and creating safer communities. Your support enables us to continue making a difference in various sectors, from corrections to education. Donate today and be a crucial part of the journey towards positive change and empowerment.

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topUcu is trusted by 250,000+ people worldwide


"This program is like no other offered here in Ohio’s prison system. TOPUCU has taught me, in a very short time, how to look inside of myself in order to make permanent and very positive changes. TOPUCU is a powerful and needed program for all."

Robert H.


"TOPUCU gives you that gentle push to start raising the bar. To start seeing yourself as capable and valued. You can do some crazy things if you are willing to put in the time and push through the initial discomfort."

Jesse G, CAD Engineer


"TOPUCU really influences me in my everyday life because before TOPUCU, I didn't have my schedule straight, my grades weren't the best. But, once I got into the program - it really helped me figure things out. I can schedule my day, I prioritize and my grades started getting better. Now I'm living at a 3.6 and it's really nice."

high school sophomore


"When working out now I look at my wristband when I want to stop and it reminds me of the TOPUCU principles and gives me the extra drive to reach my goals ... to be able to do the things I couldn’t do before ... don’t stop. I truly believe this program will help many people change their lives."

john c.