A holistic and transformative way to guide individuals towards sobriety and wellness, equipping them with essential coping strategies and relapse prevention tools.

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Transform the journey to sobriety and wellness with TOPUCU for Addiction and Recovery Services, an innovative program designed to guide individuals through evidence-based strategies and support. As addiction and recovery centers strive for holistic solutions to foster long-term recovery and well-being, TOPUCU offers a unique approach, recognized for its capacity to cultivate self-awareness, emotional regulation, interpersonal skills, resilience, cognitive restructuring, and effective relapse prevention planning.



The TOPUCU program, rooted in SEL, seamlessly integrates with addiction and recovery services, complementing efforts to nurture individuals' emotional intelligence, interpersonal skills, and overall well-being as they navigate their journey to sobriety and wellness. Here's how TOPUCU’s SEL education fits into addiction recovery initiatives:

8 out of 10


Say that social and emotional skills are the most important to success and yet are the hardest skills to find.

Social and Emotional Development produces an 11-percentage point gain in performance.

9 out of 10


Believe social and emotional skills can be taught and that it benefits students.


Problem-Solving Skills, Reliability, Self-Esteem, Resilience, and Self-Regulation


Substance Use, Impulsivity, Depression, Anxiety, and Risk-Taking Behaviors

TOPUCU Addiction and recovery services Program Benefits:


Emotional Regulation

Interpersonal Skills

Social SUpport

Problem-solving skills


cognitive restructuring


Throughout addiction and recovery centers nationwide, there's a growing recognition of the transformative impact of social-emotional learning (SEL), evidenced by improved outcomes and reduced relapse rates.

SEL within addiction and recovery services has shown to enhance interpersonal skills, emotional regulation, and overall well-being, leading to greater success in maintaining sobriety and resilience against triggers. Research indicates that SEL interventions can significantly improve recovery attitudes and decrease relapse rates among individuals in recovery.

TOPUCU for Addiction and Recovery Services offers an evidence-based approach to SEL, focusing on cultivating self-awareness, emotional regulation, positive mindset, goal-oriented behavior, and effective decision-making. Through our comprehensive seven-step program, individuals are equipped with practical tools and principles for lasting transformation and recovery.


Fortified Resilience:

TOPUCU aims to fortify resilience by empowering individuals with adaptive coping strategies and self-awareness tools to navigate challenges and setbacks with strength and determination.

Enhanced Cognitive Restructuring:

TOPUCU aims to facilitate cognitive restructuring by guiding individuals to recognize and challenge negative thought patterns, fostering a positive mindset conducive to sustainable recovery and personal growth.

Increased Self-Regulation:

TOPUCU aims to enhance self-regulation by providing individuals with practical techniques and strategies to manage impulses, emotions, and behaviors, fostering greater control and stability throughout their recovery journey.

A peek inside the program:

lesson one: habits

Lesson one is about habits and the three components: Trigger, Routine and Reward. We focus on the “Routine” as the one component of habit that you can actually control. Dissect the Trigger to understand the “Why” behind every habit. Develop new routines that line up with what you are trying to accomplish.

lesson two: motivation

We introduce the “Scales of Motivation” as a guide to why you may or may not be doing something. Evaluate the scales to see which part of the formula needs to be adjusted in order to keep moving toward your goals. We also explore two forms of motivation: External and Internal. Enjoy External motivation, but live through Internal motivation.

lesson three: pain

We talk about “Pain” and discomfort as a critical part of positive transformation. We teach that the pain you’ll experience during your change is nothing compared to the pain you may feel if you decide to stay in your current situation.

lesson Four: the seven e’s

The Seven E’s represent the way thoughts enter and affect your mind. You’ve got to stop the negative thoughts at the first E, “Entrance” and, conversely, you need to nurture the positive thoughts all the way through the final E - “Enveloped”. Our thoughts become our words. Our words become our actions. Our actions become our habits. And our habits define who we are.

lesson five: visualization

“Visualization” - seeing it and achieving it. Think of an image on a puzzle box to illustrate the idea of having a picture of what you’re reaching for. If you cannot visualize where you want to be at the end of your journey, then the chances of ever starting that journey are slim to none. Visualize your goal and reach for it one piece at a time.

lesson six: value of time

We explore the “Value of Time”. Make a list of the six most important tasks to accomplish each day and work to optimize the 168 hours you have in each week. True lasting transformation takes time - using that time wisely and effectively creates change.

lesson seven: burn the bridge

Identify and visualize challenges that are keeping you from changing or causing you to go back to your old habits, put them on top of that bridge and blow them up! Be committed to your future self.

The second part of TOPUCU is the FINISHER Program. Here, we guide you through the process of taking an inventory of your life. We’ll break it down into sections like family, education, health, work and more. This activity leads to the creation of a Personal Mission Statement for your life. We’ll get to the core of who you are and help you lay out specific, positive statements about yourself that will keep you motivated and on track to being the best person you can be each day.

Then we identify specific and attainable SMART Goals for every area of your life. We teach you about four types of time-sensitive goals. These goals become the ultimate key to seeing true positive transformation.

topUcu is trusted by 250,000+ people worldwide


"This program is like no other offered here in Ohio’s prison system. TOPUCU has taught me, in a very short time, how to look inside of myself in order to make permanent and very positive changes. TOPUCU is a powerful and needed program for all."

Robert H.


"TOPUCU gives you that gentle push to start raising the bar. To start seeing yourself as capable and valued. You can do some crazy things if you are willing to put in the time and push through the initial discomfort."

Jesse G, CAD Engineer


"TOPUCU really influences me in my everyday life because before TOPUCU, I didn't have my schedule straight, my grades weren't the best. But, once I got into the program - it really helped me figure things out. I can schedule my day, I prioritize and my grades started getting better. Now I'm living at a 3.6 and it's really nice."

high school sophomore


"When working out now I look at my wristband when I want to stop and it reminds me of the TOPUCU principles and gives me the extra drive to reach my goals ... to be able to do the things I couldn’t do before ... don’t stop. I truly believe this program will help many people change their lives."

john c.