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Elevate Your Mindset, Achieve Your Goals – The Power of Seven Lessons for Individuals and Corporations

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Welcome to TOPUCU, the ultimate training camp for your mind. It's not just a program; it's a transformative journey designed to reshape your thinking and actions. TOPUCU empowers you with Seven Life Transforming Principles, providing a roadmap for personal development and success. With a blend of online resources, including workbooks, video training, and support materials, TOPUCU guides you through a comprehensive process of self-discovery and growth.


  • People who are ready to get unstuck in life

  • Those striving to break bad habits and cultivate a healthier lifestyle

  • Students aiming to enhance their academic performance and mindset

  • Professionals in pursuit of career excellence and effective time management

  • Corporations who want to equip their employees with the best possible tools for success

  • Athletes and sports enthusiasts dedicated to mental conditioning and peak performance

  • Faith-based communities and organizations focused on spiritual and personal growth

  • Individuals on the journey to recovery and overcoming addiction


Personal development

Providing tools for individuals to break bad habits and achieve personal growth.

State Programs (Workforce Development & Education)

Enhancing skills, fostering education, and promoting workforce readiness.

correctional &

re-entry programs

Empowering individuals for successful reintegration into society.

School Systems & Athletics

Mentally conditioning students and athletes for success in academics and sports.


Transforming mindsets for improved professional performance and success.

Faith-Based Entities

Fostering spiritual growth and personal development in diverse religious communities.

Recovery & Addiction services

Supporting individuals on the path to recovery and breaking free from addiction.

What makes topUcu different?

TOPUCU stands out as a program that not only imparts valuable lessons but also offers a holistic approach to personal development. What sets us apart is the fusion of psychological insights, practical strategies, and a personalized journey towards becoming a "Finisher."

Our program doesn't just identify roadblocks; it provides you with the mental tools to overcome them. The unique combination of Seven Life Transforming Principles, the Finisher Program, and a comprehensive online platform makes TOPUCU a one-of-a-kind experience that doesn't just transform your habits; it transforms your entire life. Embrace the difference, embrace your potential with TOPUCU.

A peek inside the program:

The STARTER Program: 7 Complete Lessons

The FINISHER Program: Develop a Mission Statement, Establish SMART Goals, and Foster True Positive Transformation as FINISHERS

the starter program

lesson one: habits

Focus on the three components of habits: Trigger, Routine, and Reward.

Emphasize control over the "Routine" as the manageable aspect of a habit.

Dissect triggers to understand the "Why" behind each habit and develop new routines aligned with goals.

lesson two: motivation

Introduce the "Scales of Motivation" to assess reasons for actions.

Explore External and Internal motivation, advocating living through Internal motivation.

Encourage evaluating and adjusting the motivation formula to progress toward goals.

lesson three: pain

Highlight the role of pain and discomfort in positive transformation.

Emphasize that the pain of change is minor compared to the potential pain of remaining in the current situation.

Encourage embracing discomfort as a crucial part of the journey toward improvement.

lesson Four: the seven e’s

Explain the Seven E’s as the pathway thoughts take in influencing the mind.

Stress the importance of stopping negative thoughts at the "Entrance" and nurturing positive thoughts to the "Enveloped" stage.

Connect thoughts to actions, emphasizing how habits define one's identity.

lesson five: visualization

Emphasize the significance of visualization in achieving goals.

Use the analogy of a puzzle box image to illustrate having a clear picture of the destination.

Stress the difficulty of starting a journey without a clear visualization of the end goal.

lesson six: value of time

Explore the "Value of Time" in the context of transformation.

Advocate making a daily task list and optimizing the available 168 hours each week.

Emphasize that lasting transformation requires time, and effective time use facilitates change.

lesson seven: burn the bridge

Encourage identifying and visualizing challenges preventing change.

Symbolically "burn the bridge" by eliminating obstacles and committing to the future self.

Highlight the importance of unwavering commitment to personal growth and change.

The second part of TOPUCU is the FINISHER Program. Here, we guide you through the process of taking an inventory of your life. We’ll break it down into sections like family, education, health, work and more. This activity leads to the creation of a Personal Mission Statement for your life. We’ll get to the core of who you are and help you lay out specific, positive statements about yourself that will keep you motivated and on track to being the best person you can be each day.

Then we identify specific and attainable SMART Goals for every area of your life. We teach you about four types of time-sensitive goals. These goals become the ultimate key to seeing true positive transformation.


Analyze Areas Of Your Life To Develop A GPS For Your Life:

✓ Family Values

✓ Finances and Work Life

✓ State of Mind,

✓ Spiritual, Mental and Physical Health

Analyze Areas Of Your Life To Develop A GPS For Your Life:

✓ Family Values

✓ Finances and Work Life

✓ State of Mind,

✓ Spiritual, Mental and Physical Health

Develop and Refine A

Mission Statement

Learn How To Create Short-Term, Mid-Term, Long-Term, & Big Hairy Audacious Goals For Every Area Of Your Life:

✓ Family Values

✓ Finances and Work Life

✓ State of Mind,

✓ Spiritual, Mental and Physical Health


Learn How To Create Short-Term, Mid-Term, Long-Term, & Big Hairy Audacious Goals For Every Area Of Your Life:

✓ Family Values

✓ Finances and Work Life

✓ State of Mind,

✓ Spiritual, Mental and Physical Health

identify specific and attainable GOALS for every area of your life

topUcu is trusted by 250,000+ people worldwide


"This program is like no other offered here in Ohio’s prison system. TOPUCU has taught me, in a very short time, how to look inside of myself in order to make permanent and very positive changes. TOPUCU is a powerful and needed program for all."

Robert H.


"TOPUCU gives you that gentle push to start raising the bar. To start seeing yourself as capable and valued. You can do some crazy things if you are willing to put in the time and push through the initial discomfort."

Jesse G, CAD Engineer


"TOPUCU really influences me in my everyday life because before TOPUCU, I didn't have my schedule straight, my grades weren't the best. But, once I got into the program - it really helped me figure things out. I can schedule my day, I prioritize and my grades started getting better. Now I'm living at a 3.6 and it's really nice."

high school sophomore


"When working out now I look at my wristband when I want to stop and it reminds me of the TOPUCU principles and gives me the extra drive to reach my goals ... to be able to do the things I couldn’t do before ... don’t stop. I truly believe this program will help many people change their lives."

john c.