Personal Transformation in the New Year

Personal Transformation in the New Year

Personal Transformation in the New Year is on your mind.  2020 is here and with a new year comes the desire to re-invent one’s self and to do more than you have in the past. The ill-fated New Year’s Resolutions that you have failed to stick to for years on end in the past will be little more than bad memories.  This is finally the year that you lose weight, get that promotion at work, and finally, learn how to play the piano. You’ve always had the desire to do these things, and now nothing will hold you back from finally achieving them. This time you’re sure you’ll follow through on your big plans to make things better. 

Yet, for some reason, you keep stopping at McDonald’s after work. You hit the bar with your friends instead of going to the gym. The New Year’s Resolution has become your plan for February, or your birthday, or some other landmark in time off in the near future. You’ll get around to it because it’s something you want to do, but for the moment, you’re just having too much fun doing what you’re doing. You’re enjoying life and having a good time, and you don’t really want to change what’s going on because it would be so much work. Your friends love having you out at the bar or in the casino having a good time drinking and gambling the night away. You don’t want to be a buzzkill that ruins everyone’s fun. So, what if you eat out a few nights a week, you can afford it, and you’ll stop sooner or later and hit the gym sometime soon. You’ll right the ship soon enough, there’s no pressure to do it anytime soon. 

The Real Transformation Problem

Personal Transformation in the New Year Today
Personal Transformation in the New Year

This is the real problem with being able to make any essential improvements in your life. The old saying that old habits die hard is a saying for a reason. You know the life you currently have, and while you know that some of the things, you’re doing is terrible, it never feels that urgent to change. The smoking habit you should break isn’t killing you right this second. You might get drunk every so often, but you would never get a DUI or do anything stupid while drunk. Sure, you could drop a few pounds, but food is what makes life worth living. While you know what you should be doing, there isn’t much drive or motivation to get there. Your current situation might not be perfect, but it’s not bad enough to make you want to do anything differently. Finding that drive and desire to make a real change seems to be impossible. 

The Secret

That’s the secret to success when it comes to finally moving past the bad habits you know you should change.  Start your new life with practices that benefit not only yourself but your friends, family, and even the business you work for. Having a well-rested, healthy, and creatively active and happy person in their lives or in the office is a considerable benefit that means more than you could ever know. Getting to that moment requires an understanding exactly why it is you were unable to get where you wanted to be and why you were being held back from the success you’ve always wanted to achieve. 

Understanding Habits

How do you understand your habits and why you follow bad habits? How do you achieve a personal transformation in the new year? How do you get yourself going in the right direction and keep yourself on the right path? What is the secret to building good habits and keeping yourself from going back to your bad habits? The answer to these questions is found in the teachings of TOPUCU. We will educate you on the nature of habits and what goes into forming and breaking them.

The Seven Steps

The seven-step starter program begins with you learning about the “Trigger” that causes you to perform your “routine” that gives you the “reward” that your brain gives you for following the programming you’ve been following for as long as you’ve had your bad habit. No matter if it’s going for a smoke when you’re on break at work, hitting the bar with friends on a Friday night, or playing video games after getting into an argument with your wife, you have events that trigger a response that leads you to perform the habit or routine that you’re accustomed to that makes you feel better after you’ve done it. Learning what the triggers are and how they lead to bad habits is your first step towards changing and, in the end, breaking those bad habits and forming good habits.

The second step is understanding the nature of motivation and how it makes it possible for you to achieve your goals. We all want a pat on the back from our doctor for losing some weight or quitting smoking. We all want our friends to be impressed when we show off that we can play the guitar or speak Spanish. Still, the truth is that getting praise and being motivated by others isn’t nearly as crucial as being internally motivated to get the job done ourselves. Internal motivation and the desire for self-improvement is the most significant indicator of success or failure in the quest to rid yourself of bad habits. Learning how to become motivated and stay motivated is one of the most important things we will teach you in our program.

Complete the Steps

The third step of our program is understanding the concept of pain and what it really means to endure pain. People think of the hardship of change as pain. They think of the struggle of learning something new as being painful or breaking away from addictive habits like drinking or smoking as pain. Still, the truth is that this concept of pain is misguided and doesn’t truly grasp the idea of pain. Dealing with pain in the short term is something people can deal with, and in a way, they can even find it something enjoyable or something they can come to terms with. The real pain comes from never breaking your bad habits. It comes from spending a life without ever achieving your goals and doing what you’ve always wanted to do. It’s the regret of never being what you could have been. Fighting through your bad habits and avoiding that pain is what we are all about. 

Personal Transformation in the New Year

Personal transformation in the new year is possible. You have it within you to be able to break your bad habits and become the person you always wanted to be. You will learn all the tools you need, from visualization to time management, to be able to put all TOPUCU’s lessons to use for yourself. You will be able to finally unlock the potential inside you and become a better person. You can transform yourself and make your life better. You can overcome the things that are holding you back and find the greatness you have been searching for. TOPUCU is here to help you do it. We’ve helped thousands of other people understand the secrets to good habits, and we’re here to help you uncover it as well. Stop beating yourself up for your past failures and start your road to a better life today.

What is Transformation

what is transformation

What is Transformation

What is transformation? What is the process one must undertake to do something genuinely transformative? Thinking about such an event can make the task appear daunting or even impossible. The truth is that a personal transformation isn’t something that happens overnight or in one moment of clarity. A personal transformation is done step by step over weeks, months, and years of hard work and commitment to yourself to become the person you want to be finally.

When it comes to the results of a transformation, it can take many different forms. It could be getting rid of a lousy vice such as drinking or smoking. It could be growing as a person by becoming more creative or caring. It could be learning a new skill like driving a stick shift in a car or playing the guitar. When you think about the question of what is personal transformation, the answers are only limited by your imagination. People are always seeking improvement in one fashion or another, and truly embracing that improvement is what allows them to make the transformation fully.

Change is Hard

What is Transformation
What is Transformation

Change is hard for people. It’s one thing to know that you have a bad habit or that you want to be able to do something you find interesting. It is another thing altogether to be able to put in the time and effort to do it. Being ready to quit smoking takes a considerable amount of willpower and drive to overcome both the addictive nature of nicotine and the habit of having a smoke while on break at work or after a good meal. Training yourself to get out of these habits is tough, and fighting your body’s cravings is a great challenge. There is a reason why overcoming an addiction is an achievement that people celebrate. Wanting to make a change is the first step. Learning how to make the change possible is the most essential part of making that change into reality.

Learn Something New

Desiring to learn a new skill is also a form of personal transformation. Having the research to find the best way to learn what you want to learn is an excellent way to begin your project. From becoming a better writer to being able to make investments or taking up a new hobby like rock climbing or weight training, there are so many different things you can devote your time to learning about. Once you have the necessary knowledge you need to take your first steps forward on your new path, you’ll need to find that same willpower, drive, and resolve to achieve what you want to do. Run a mile in under 10 minutes, build a portfolio of stocks, or having your short stories published in magazines, there’s a goal out there for you to achieve if you put your heart into it.

TOPUCU Transformation

We here at TOPUCU have a keen understanding of the idea of what is transformation. When you ask what is personal transformation, we know the answer is hard work and the application of knowledge provided by our courses. TOPUCU goals are providing inspiration and education about the nature of habits and how you have been trapped in bad habits. How you can finally begin the process of breaking free of those habits and building good habits for yourself.

Seven Step Program

Our 7-step program will teach you all the tools you’ll need to be able to overcome the obstacles that are holding you back from achieving your goals. We will explain to you in simple terms the ways you can begin improving your life. From the first step of our first program all the way through our finisher program, we will be helping you get exactly what you want out of life.

The first step of our program teaches you the critical lesson of understanding how habits work. They explain what the triggering event is that causes your brain to want to perform it’s routine and receive its reward for having done what it usually does. Be it smoking when you get a break at work, or going out to the bar for a few drinks when you are stressed, you will understand the triggering events that cause you to maintain your bad habits and keep you from doing better for yourself. By following this process, you’ll learn how to change your routine and find new and better rewards. Instead of drinking after a stressful day of work, you would learn to go on a jog for a few miles and find that just as rewarding as time passes.

Transformation Change
Transformation Change

The second step is learning how motivation impacts your ability to achieve results. While getting word from a doctor that you need to lose weight could help motivate you to lose weight, you’ll be taught that external motivation isn’t the main driving force for you to be able to make the significant changes you need to improve your life. You need to be the one that is driven and motivated to make the improvements you’re looking for. Understanding how to keep yourself focused and motivated towards your goals is key in helping you achieve them.

The Only Person You Cheat is You

Lesson three will be about truly understanding our motto of The Only Person You Cheat Is You. Pain is something people think of as the discomfort of having to deal with a new routine or the challenge of trying to break an old habit. This pain is temporary and easy to overcome. The real pain is the pain of regret. It is the pain of having not lived up to your potential and overcome the issues that hold you back from people the person you always thought you could be. When you think about the concept of personal transformation and the question of what is personal transformation one of the answers could simply be that it is the process of understanding what pain truly is and how to avoid the kind of pain that will truly hurt you for years to come.

From there, you will learn the Seven E’s in lesson four. These Seven E’s will show you how to give yourself the proper mindset to improve your life. From there, you begin learning the powerful tool of visualization. Correctly understanding how to visualize your goals is one of the best ways to make them into a reality. Visualization is the key to making your mind accept what your future can be and train your thoughts towards making that future a reality.

From here, you will move onto lesson 6 and learn about the importance of time. You have 168 hours in a week to use, and you need to learn how to budget your time to get the things you want done. You will gain valuable time management skills that will allow you to do the things you need to do correctly. Everyone says they want to do things. Still, until they truly set aside the time to prepare their meals, to practice the guitar, to read a book, they will just keep planning on doing those things, and they will not do them.

The Final Step

Once you have learned these lessons, your final lesson will be burning the bridge to your past life and moving on to the life you’ve always wanted to have. Once you have learned the skills TOPUCU teaches, you will finally be able to understand and answer the question honestly, what is transformation.

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