Building Good Habits

building good habits

How to Start Building Good Habits

We all want to do better in our lives. Odds are you want to make more money, lose some weight, maybe take up a new hobby like writing or playing a musical instrument. While these sorts of things are universal goals for people, it’s something that not many people can achieve. Going to the gym is something that you know you should be doing yet when the time comes to go to the gym, the excuses pile up. I’m too tired, I already went twice this week, I’ll make it up next week. Fighting off our bad habits is one of the most difficult challenges we have in our lives. Learning how to start building good habits is a process that takes time, but it’s one of the most important things you can do, and once you understand how to start and maintain your good habits it can be one of the best things that will ever happen to you.  

What’s The Problem

Building Good Habits
Building Good Habits

People will give you all sorts of advice about what you should do to improve your life. Start weight training, quit smoking, pick up a side job like driving for Uber or Lyft. They’ll tell you about all these different ways you can improve your life without addressing the underlying issue about all these things. You need to have the motivation and willpower to do them and to stick to them no matter what. People will tell you what the good habits you should be doing are, but they won’t tell you exactly how to get yourself into the proper mindset to do them. Knowing what you should be doing is one thing, figuring out how to get yourself to do it is an entirely different issue and that’s the most important thing when it comes to learning how to start building good habits. 

You don’t continue to engage in your bad habits because you think they are good for you. You are participating in them because it’s something you are comfortable doing and you find enjoyment in doing them. Blowing off some steam at the bar after a long day of work. Smoking whenever the urge hits you to light up a cigarette. Staying home and watching TV instead of going to the gym or working on a creative project. These are the things you know you shouldn’t do, but you find yourself doing them anyhow because it’s what you know and what you are comfortable with. Breaking out of bad habits isn’t as easy as knowing they are wrong. It’s an involved process that requires a lot more understanding than knowing that bad habits are bad and good habits are good. You need a personal transformation approach to habit building to be able to make the sort of changes you’re looking for in your life.

You Can Do Better

You know you can be better than you currently are and that something is holding you back from achieving your potential. You know that you can become more productive, lose weight, break yourself free from your vices, and be capable of fulfilling your creative and spiritual goals if you could only find the proper building blocks to begin this transition from the life you are currently living into the life you want to lead. 

Building Good Habits with TOPUCU

This is where TOPUCU and the TOPUCU program come into play. Our motto is simple and accurate that The Only Person You Cheat Is You. If you don’t want to put in the time and effort to understand how to improve your life with our training and techniques to help you improve your life you will be cheating yourself out of a better life. You can have the things you want if you’re willing to apply yourself and learn the secrets on how to escape your bad habits and learn how to make good habits that you will stick to and improve your life with. 

The seven-step TOPUCU program will teach you all about how to start building good habits. The first step is understanding precisely how habits are formed and why you’re doing the things you are doing. You’ll learn about the triggering events that bring about the routine that you’re used to and the reward you feel like you’re getting from performing these actions. Be it stress after a long day of work, the end of the week trip to the bar, or some other pattern of behavior you engage in you’ll learn about what you’re doing and how to change it those habits and start the process of learning and re-enforcing good habits. 

The Power of MotivationHow to build good habits

The next thing you’ll learn about is the power of motivation and how it can help you achieve your goals. Motivation is the key to understanding how to start building good habits. We all want to be thought of well by our friends and family. While it’s nice to earn a lot of money and show off your newfound wealth or to lose weight and get praised for getting yourself in shape. This sort of motivation is fleeting and will not help you meet your goals. The real motivation needed to achieve lasting change comes from within. If you are not inspired and determined to improve your life, you will not be able to make permanent changes. TOPUCU is all about showing you how to motivate yourself and stay focused to achieve your goals.  

The third step is understanding the real nature of pain. People think of pain as the short-term struggle to change their habits and learning a new routine. They believe that the discomfort of not smoking, or not drinking, or waking up early to get in a session at the gym before work is painful, but it’s not. The actual pain is the pain of missing out on the life you could have had if you had broken your bad habits and learned better habits. Showing you the pain of missing out on the better life you could have had is a harsh lesson for most people to deal with, but it’s an important one to help you understand why it is so important to push forward and stay committed to improving your life through better habits.  

From these three steps, you’ll move on to valuable lessons about time management and learning how to budget your time to make room for the things that really matter in your life. To learn how to visualize your success accurately and to make it seem more realistic and possible to obtain. TOPUCU will give you all the tools to make achieving your goals possible and allow you to start becoming the person you always wanted to be finally. At the end of the seven-step program, you’ll burn the bridge from your past life and move onto your brighter future.  


Then you’ll enter the second part of the TOPUCU program where you’ll learn about how to set SMART goals and to keep yourself with a positive mindset and the drive to make those goals into a reality. The FINISHER program is designed to keep you on track for the rest of your life to make your life a better one. TOPUCU is here to make sure that you don’t cheat yourself out of the life that could be yours. You deserve a better life, and we’re here to make that happen.

What is Success in Life

Success in Life

How do you measure success in life? Is it having enough savings to take a long vacation once a year? Is it buying a nicer car or a house? Is it finding love and building a relationship with somebody you want to spend the rest of your life with? Success is a tricky concept to understand and in many ways, it can seem fleeting. Yesterday’s success becomes today’s complacency and we’re left wondering if we’ll ever truly have the drive to do something truly special. Do you look at your past accomplishments with pride or do you wish you had done more? Are there things you’re still looking to achieve but haven’t been able to?

Success can be found in other ways as well. You might set out to achieve a goal, such as quitting smoking or getting in better shape. Maybe you’re driven to run a mile in under 7 minutes and want to get yourself in good enough shape to be able to do that. Personal goals are a way to measure success and it can be frustrating if not downright depressing when you’re unable to reach goals that you set for yourself. Not knowing why you’re unable to achieve the things you know you’re capable of can lead you to be stuck in bad habits and doing unproductive things that you know you shouldn’t be doing but you see no better possible paths for you to go forward. Your attempts to lose weight are never successful, you never get anywhere with your creative projects. You’re stuck where you are and you don’t know how things will ever change in your favor.

Hitting The Wall

Success in Life

You have a basic understanding that having the will and the desire to do something is important. The problem is that you never seem that focused after a week or two of trying something. You hit a wall and can’t think of what to write in the next chapter, or the scale keeps telling you, you’re the same weight (or even gaining) when you’ve been following your diet religiously for two months. You’re not able to see progress in the things you care about and you’re left to go back to the bad habits that have given you comfort for so long. You wish things were easier, or at least that you could understand why it is that things don’t go the way you want them to. There should be a better way for you to be able to handle these things and get the results you want.

There’s so much misinformation out there about how to achieve the success in life that you’re looking for. From motivation speakers and self-help books to YouTube channels and all sorts of people on social media looking to sell you something it becomes difficult if not downright impossible to figure out who is telling you the truth and who is trying to sell you something to make a quick buck. Being able to figure out who to trust when it comes to improving your life is a challenge and you need to find people who have a proven track record of success and can teach you the proper building blocks towards improving your life and being able to achieve the success you’ve always been looking for. You need to find a team with a proven track record of success who know how to educate people in a way that makes learning fun and accessible and will give you the able to put the lessons you’ve learned into practice in your life and allow you to obtain the success in life that you’ve been seeking.

How to Reach Success in Life

We here at TOPUCU will be able to unlock the potential inside you and allow you to finally be able to achieve the things you thought were impossible. Our track record of success speaks for itself as we’ve taught our system to people of all different walks of life and they have repeatedly stated that the programs we teach are easy to understand that the skills we teach are things everyday ordinary people are capable of implementing to improve their lives.

Our seven step program begins with teaching you to understand exactly how bad habits become ruts you fall into. You need to understand what the ‘trigger’ is that will cause you to seek out the ‘routine’ that is what you tend to do in these situations and the ‘reward’ you get as a result of following the routine. You need to learn what is the trigger is that is making you fall into your bad habits and why it feels rewarding to engage in them. Once you understand the triggers you’ll understand building habits and positive routines that will allow you to change the way you react in these situations and begin the process of improving your life.

The next step you’ll take is to understand the power of motivation and how it can push you towards success. It’s important to see the praise and respect of others and using their support as motivation for your goals, but true progress is made by internal motivation. You will only be able to improve yourself by being driven by your own personal motivation of achieving your goal. Learning how to maintain and harness your motivation will be taught in this step to further help you achieve success in life.

The third step is understanding the true concept of pain. Pain, as most people think of it, is the agony of pushing through bad habits and trying to discover and maintain good habits. This sort of pain is fleeting and will soon be forgotten when you have freed yourself from those bad habits. True pain is the pain of regret. It’s the pain of never pushing past your bad habits and finally being able to achieve the things you know you are capable of. We’ll teach you how to overcome the true pain of living a life of unfilled potential and allow you to overcome the short term pain of improving your life.

Moving Forward

As you progress through the program you’ll learn more tools to help you along with your personal transformation. Visualization is one of the most powerful tools you can use to help yourself achieve your goals. Envisioning your success is one of the greatest ways of being able to achieve it and we will teach you the proper visualization skills needed to be able to truly make what you imagine become real. We understand the way the mind is wired and how you can inspire yourself to achieve your goals. You can find success in life with the tools TOPUCU will teach you.

Once you have completed the first six steps of the program you will finish by burning the bridge to your past life. The bad habits that had held you back for all those years are things you need to break free from and never go back to and when you have completed our course you’ll be able to see how much better your life is and how burning the bridge that connects who you are to the person you were is the best possible thing for you to do. You want success in life and TOPUCU will help you achieve it.


Personal Goals and New Year’s Resolutions

Personal Goals

Personal Goals

We all have something we would like to do in the upcoming year. Personal Goals to Achieve.  Be it fixing some bad habit in our lives or seeking to obtain a new goal. The thing about New Year’s Resolutions is that you know you should follow through on them and stick to the plan to improve your life but finding the will, the drive, and the determination is so hard. Things start well for a week or two but then the bad habits start creeping back in. Why is it those bad habits are so hard to overcome? What makes it so hard to finally break free from those habits that hold you back?

Understanding why a bad habit is so hard to shake is the fundamental way to change your life for the better. From losing weight, ending procrastination, quitting smoking or drinking, working on the things that truly engage you instead of just sitting in front of the TV. Finding the key to unlocking how to do all these things is the key to a better life.

Seems So Simple

Personal Goals
Personal Goals

It all seems so simple – personal goals shouldn’t be so hard. Stop eating fast food and candy bars, go for some walks and join a gym and you’ll lose weight. Stop spending money on more clothes and gadgets than you need and put that money in the bank and you’ll save. Set aside an hour or two every night for writing and you’ll finally make headway on your screenplay. Whatever it is you’re looking to do you have the basic outline of how you’ll get it done. Yet by February, your weight is the same, your bank account is still low and your screenplay isn’t written. You’ve fallen short of changing habits.

Knowing the supposed solutions to your problems isn’t enough. It’s one thing to know what the right thing to do is, it is quite another thing to make yourself do it and then to stick to that plan and make it something that you don’t waver from. Figuring out exactly you can muster up the ability to consistently avoid bad habits while building good habits is what you need to do. That is how your New Year’s Resolution becomes the lifestyle you want to live and you finally will see the positive changes in your life manifest themselves. How to do this is the tough part.

Achieve Your Personal Goals

There are so many different guides out there that try to explain to you exactly how you should go about fixing your life and improving yourself. The self-help section of a bookstore can be overwhelming with all the different authors telling you whatever it is they think works.  SearchPersonal Transformation” – the internet is just as filled with all sorts of people telling you all kinds of different thoughts of what a person must do to improve their life. How do you know which people are just telling you what you want to hear? How do you know who to trust when it comes to learning this all important information?

The TOPUCU system has been proven to help people improve their mindset and to form good habits while breaking bad ones. Independent reviews of the people who have taken the TOPUCU courses has shown marked improvements in self-confidence and a decrease in destructive thinking. The vast majority of people who have taken the course also found it easy to understand and felt they understood the principles of how it works and how they could apply the teaching to their lives to help themselves moving forward.

Learning and completing the TOPUCU seven-step program will give you a greater understanding of what exactly causes you to stay in the rut you are living in and will show you how you can train your mind to resist bad habits and how to both start and maintain good habits. Following these steps is the beginning of your path towards the life you’ve been wanting but never felt like you could have. If you are a parent worried about your child’s habits know that the TOPUCU program has shown to improve grades, social skills and builds leadership qualities in young people that take root and allow them to excel in school and have confidence as they enter the workforce.

Seven-Steps Toward Personal Goals

Personal Goals
Personal Goals

The seven-step program begins with first understanding how a habit forms and the process your brain goes through dealing with it. From the trigger that starts you on the path to the routine, you perform once you’ve been triggered and the reward you give yourself for having done what you’re used to doing you’ll understand the way it all works and finally be able to see the pattern that is controlling your behavior. The key to this step is understanding the routine you follow after you have been triggered. Does being hungry make you overeat? Does being tired make you skip going to the gym? Does stress lead you to drink? You need to understand the triggering event and then react to it with a more positive routine. We can never truly avoid things like hunger, tiredness, and stress in our lives, but we can control how we react to these things.

Steps to Success

From this step, we go towards motivation and what drives a person to do things. We look at external and internal motivation and seek to help you understand exactly it’s so important to be internally motivated. It’s nice to have people praise you for a good habit, but to really want to commit to that good habit is what will make it stick. The third step will talk about the pain of breaking old habits and how the short-term pain of this change is nothing compared to the long-term pain of not escaping your bad habits.

In step four we’ll explain the seven E’s to you and guide you from “Entrance” to “Enveloped” to show you how change can be achieved and how to train your mind to accept better habits. Next, we’ll teach you about visualization and how it is so important to be able to see yourself obtaining your goal to make it that much more likely you’ll be able to achieve it. The sixth step will teach you about the vital skills of time management and how to focus yourself to achieve your goals for the day without procrastination or distraction. Once these six steps have been achieved you can finally burn the bridge between your old life and the new life you’re on your way to leading.

This can be the year you finally hold onto your New Year’s Resolutions and make that lasting positive change that improves your life. Let TOPUCU help you become all you can be.

Building Habits

Building Habits

Building Habits

How do you start building habits? It can start slowly without you even noticing the habit is building. Bad habits form in insidious ways. It’s often something you don’t even notice is a bad habit. You just happen to hit the bar after work to blow off a little steam and hang out with a few friends and you all stop going to the gym. Staying up late and not getting enough sleep so instead of truly applying yourself at work you coast through your shifts just so you can get to the bar as quickly as possible. You order a burger with fries instead of a chicken wrap because everyone else is getting a burger so why not you?

Building Habits
Building Habits

You slowly gain weight, lose energy and focus, and might even start slouching towards alcoholism without even noticing what’s happening to you. You convince yourself it’s only something that’s temporary, that you’ll get back to the gym in a week or two, you’ll eat better soon enough, and you will sleep in on the weekend and finally catch up on your sleep so you’re not constantly tired all the time. Yet all these things keep being planned for tomorrow, for a mythical day that never arrives because doing the things you’re doing right now makes you happy and working to change those things will be hard and you have no idea if you’ll ever be successful at them. You’re in a rut and while you might complain about it now and again, the truth is that you’re pretty content in that rut.

Changing Habits

Yet you know you need to change, you understand your current situation is unhealthy and that you can do better. You want to lose some weight, you want to put in more work at the office so you can finally get that promotion and pay raise you’ve been seeking. Your doctor is on you about all the drinking you’re doing and you know improving your health will have a big impact on your life. It’s just that finding your way towards good habits is so hard and you’ve struggled with these problems for so long it seems impossible to overcome them. Changing habits appears overwhelming. Sure you quit drinking for a couple weeks every so often, but you always end up back at the bar sooner or later. How will you ever finally overcome your bad habits and start building habits that are healthy?

The Only Person You Cheat

Building Habits
Building Habits

The truth is something you already knew. That you are cheating yourself, you’re denying yourself the better life you could have if you would just put in the time and effort to improve your life – building habits that can make a difference. I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. You do need skills and knowledge to be able to make these things happen and they can be done. It is the TOPUCU mantra that the only person you cheat is you. You’re only hurting yourself when you continue to stick to your bad habits and fail to correct behaviors that you know aren’t productive. You need to figure out the better way to live your life and with TOPUCU’s help, you’ll be able to do just that.

You know you have a bad habit but understanding why you continue to go back to that bad habit even when you know you shouldn’t is something you have to understand and address. Understand exactly what it is that makes you do what you’re doing. Are you rewarding yourself in some way? Is going to the bar your reward for making it through another day at work? Is it a reaction to stress or some other emotional trigger? Are you performing the bad habit because it’s a response to something in your life, is it a coping mechanism of some kind? These are the hard questions you need to ask yourself and discover the truth of what is going on inside your mind and how you can change what you are doing to improve your life. To make a real breakthrough and escape your bad habits and start building habits that will be good for the rest of your life.

How to Build Habits

Building Habits
Building Habits

TOPUCU will work to guide you to that better life by taking you on the seven-step path of breaking your bad habits and establishing good habits in your life. Each of these steps will allow you to understand exactly what is going on inside your mind and allow you to come to grips with the decisions you have been making and how you can change those decisions from self-destructive negative decisions to better more positive decisions that will build upon themselves. Unlike the starts and stops you’ve had in the past with failed diets, failed creative projects, or other tasks you got motivated for a little while on before going back to your old ways this is a system that leads to sustainable results. Instead of feeling like you’re building on a foundation of sand that’ll just be washed away by the next tide you’ll be building a solid and strong foundation that will be able to withstand all the temptations and troubles life throws at you. Building habits that will last.

Steps to Building Habits

Building Habits
Building Habits

You begin in step 1 and start to understand the basic ideas of what habits are. You’ll look at triggers, routines and rewards and see how your mind works and why you’re doing what you’re doing. This vital info is what begins your process towards building habits to improve your life. In step 2 you’ll begin to truly understand how motivation works and what you need to do find the motivation you need to push forwards towards your good habits and away from the rut you’ve been stuck in. In step 3 you’ll learn about pain in the sense that while you are struggling to follow your good habits that struggle pales in comparison to being stuck in the life you’re currently living.

Step 4 will teach you about the “Seven E’s” they’re how your mind operates and the ways to remove the bad habits from the wiring in your brain and to rewire your thoughts and ideas towards better habits and a positive lifestyle. Step 5 will teach you about visualization and how to truly see and aspire to your better life. You’ve been looking for this life for so long and now you can finally understand how looking towards it will help you achieve it. In step 6 you’ll learn about the importance of time and how you only have a very finite number of hours every week and you need to use those hours in the best way possible to improve your life. Finally, step 7 will teach you how to burn the bridge from your past life and your bad habits and turn towards your better life that you’re seeking. With TOPUCU you can begin building habits and the better life you’ve always wanted.



How to Gain Self Management

Self Management

Self Management

We all like to think with self management that we can handle whatever tasks are put in front of us. That if we are given a job to do we’ll get it done and do it well. We always see ourselves as smart, motivated, and determined people who will take on a challenge and meet it successfully. The truth is that it doesn’t always work that way. Deadlines pass without work being completed, work has to be fixed or even thrown out and started over from scratch, things you always said you were going to get around to doing end up never getting done. Life throws so much at you it’s so easy to feel overwhelmed and to put things off to some mythical tomorrow where you’ll be less stressed, less busy, more determined. It always feels like tomorrow will be so much easier than today was. The sad truth is that a lot of the time putting things off till tomorrow means never getting them done at all.

Breaking Bad Habits

Self Management
Self Management

Procrastination is a bad habit that is so hard to break because it feels like it’s not really a problem. Putting things off seems too easy because people have endless time on their hands. You can finish that project on your days off or on a day with fewer meetings or some other time. It’s only when management starts pushing for you to get your work done that you finally get around to doing it. Then you end up becoming micromanaged and it frustrates you because you resent the lack of trust you get from your bosses. You want to be allowed to do what you want to be allowed the freedom to get it done the way you want to do it. The problem is that earning that level of trust requires that you’re capable of Self management. Self Management is a catch-all term that can mean you’re capable of handling all the tasks given to you but there is a lot to it beyond just that. Self Management is at its core a lifestyle where you push aside bad habits, set clear goals and find the ability to achieve them. It’s about a mindset that rewards positive habits and removes negative ones from your life. Self Management isn’t just something you do at the office, it’s something you carry with you all the time.

Two Steps to Self Management

Two skills that go hand in hand are initiative and following through. Asking your boss to handle a project, or suggesting a project of your own is a great way to show you’re motivated to help the company and looking to put in extra work. The same can be said about projects in your personal life. You might want to finally get around to fixing the shed or taking up a fitness class. Taking the initiative and starting these projects gives you forward momentum and makes it so you’re no longer putting them off. No longer just sitting around dreaming about what could be and instead getting it done goes a long way towards achieving your goal.

Determination to Self Management

This is where following through and having the drive and determination to complete your task are so important. You can’t just start something and then let it slide or else nothing will be achieved. Attending a few yoga classes and then drifting away from it after a couple of weeks will just end up leaving you back where you were. Telling management about your plans for a new inventory system and then never getting around to creating it won’t be very impressive when it comes time for your performance reviews. You need to have the determination to follow through on these tasks and see them to the end. Completing tasks at your work should show people you’re capable of doing more than you’re being asked to do and can get you ahead in the office. By the same token putting in work around the home and taking care of yourself can give you great benefits. Be it losing a bit of weight or finding a new hobby that you have a passion for there are lots of different great things that can happen if you put in the time and effort to see them through.

One More Step

Another important skill you need is organization. Being organized makes everything so much easier in your life. From time management to keeping all your paperwork and important files in a location where you can access them whenever you need them. Being on top of things in your personal and professional life can go a long way towards helping you achieve your goals. Working to clean the clutter and sticking to a schedule can go a long way towards helping you get what you want out of life.

TOPUCU Helps with Self Management

Self Management
Self Management

When it comes to breaking bad habits and getting the results you’re looking for having the right mindset and understanding what the building blocks for good habits are the TOPUCU method is capable of giving you the results you need. People want to do great things in their lives but in the end, they so often come up short because they don’t truly understand what is holding them back. People know they are doing something wrong but understanding the underlying reasons for why they fall back into old habits and what is preventing them from being able to get to where they want to be remains hidden to them. TOPUCU casts light on these problems and highlights the behaviors and mindsets that lead a person to make bad decisions and continue to stick to bad habits even when they know they shouldn’t. Getting a person to make the right decisions over and over again to build up productive habits takes knowledge and the TOPUCU course will give you the knowledge needed to finally make the changes you want in your life.

The seven-part course will truly illuminate the meaning behind the message that The Only Person You Cheat Is You. You’ll understand that while change is hard, remaining where you are is going to be far worse in the long run. You have lots of potential and it’s time you started showing the world that. Let TOPUCU help guide the way for you.

Self Management is a goal everyone should strive for in all parts of their lives. You want to be known as somebody who keeps their word and faces problems head-on and gets results. From going that extra mile at work to learning a foreign language at as a hobby, to remodeling the kitchen at home there’s so many things you can get done if you just put in the time and energy. You can do these things let TOPUCU show you the way.

Time Management Techniques

Time Management Techniques

Time Management Techniques

“Time is on my side” is a famous song by the Rolling Stones, and it might have been for them but it’s that’s not always the case for you and me. Time Management Techniques: finding ways to manage one’s time so that you don’t fall behind on projects and assignments can be tricky. The desire to put things off till the last possible minute can be overwhelming at times and finding your way to better handle the things you’re supposed to be doing so that everything doesn’t end up being taken care of at the last possible second is something everyone should strive for. While meeting a deadline is a good thing not having to sweat the deadline is a far better outcome.

Being able to make a plan for how you spend your time each day and then being able to stick to it is a great habit for a person to get into. Learning how to budget one’s time will go a long way in being able to improve the quality of your life. No more stress over trying to cram everything into one long night of work. No more lost sleep from having to work even when you’re exhausted because you put everything off till the last minute. The quality of your work will improve also when you tackle it when you are well rested and full of energy. Good time management techniques make everything work out better.


Manage Yourself – Manage Time

Time Management Techniques
Time Management Techniques

Work isn’t the only thing that can suffer as a result of not having good time management. If you’ve wanted to take up a new hobby, such as learning how to play the guitar, how to speak Spanish, or hitting the treadmill to lose some weight. These are all tasks that require that you set aside some time for them so you can achieve your goal. It’s hard to find time to do these things with work, family, and your other interests all taking up so much of your valuable time. If you don’t develop time management techniques – you’ll never expand your skills and dreams.  You don’t play the guitar for a week or two and you keep promising yourself you’ll get around to it tomorrow, but when tomorrow happens you’re distracted once again and it doesn’t happen. This is the vicious cycle that traps people with poor time management techniques, they never seem to have the time to do the things they swear they want to do.

Procrastination is insidious this way because everyone thinks they have all the time in the world to do things, only to find out that life is short and the things you gave up on are things you never ended up pursuing. Being able to find the time to do the things you’ve set out to do is so important. They say showing up is ninety percent of the battle and the same can be said about doing something – anything. If you want to be a writer, write, if you want to build a trailer, build it. Pushing away all the distractions and achieving your goal is tough, but it can be done. Focus, commitment to your goals and proper time management techniques will get you there.


Understanding Time Management Techniques

Understanding time management techniques and being able to set a schedule and maintain it are some of the very important life skills that TOPUCU teaches. Acknowledging you procrastinate and put off things until the last minute, or don’t even bother to do them at all, is vital to being able to finally change your bad habits and get yourself into the right frame of mind that is capable of dealing with all the distractions that are put in the way of you being able to do the thing you want to do. Taking our seven-step course will give you the tools to be able to budget your time in a far more productive manner and allow you to be able to finally get yourself out ahead of your work projects. Allow you to find those moments when you can practice on the guitar and be able to start enjoying the things you’ve always meant to enjoy but just never got around to doing them.


Bad Habits

Time Management Techniques
Time Management Techniques

Bad habits are habits for a reason, they are tough to deal with and even when you know you shouldn’t be doing them you feel almost forced to fall back into the rut. You tell yourself you’ll finally change your ways some other time, some other day. You never get around to losing weight, or going back to college, or saving money for retirement. Putting everything off until tomorrow is the easy way out. There is a reason why our motto is The Only Person You Cheat is You. It’s because the easy way out is actually the hard way to live. Learning good habits is hard work, but the reward from learning them is greater than you could ever imagine. Learning effective time management techniques is just one of many amazing benefits from following the teachings of TOPUCU.

Goal Setting for Success

Elusive Goal Setting

Goal setting identifies things we would all like to be able to accomplish. Lose a few pounds, save a few dollars, spend more time with the family, or put more time and effort into a creative endeavor. Whatever your goal is it’s something that’s likely been off in the distance, things keep cropping up to keep you from finding a way to get it done. You end up frustrated and believing that it’s just not meant to be for you to be able to do these things. This sort of defeatism is insidious as it robs you of the drive and willpower to be able to make a positive change in your life and goal setting that’s meaningful. You need to understand what is holding you back from being able to meet your goals and learn how to follow the path that gets you to where you want to be.

Goal Setting for Success

Goal Setting
Goal Setting

Goal setting is one of the best ways to try to achieve something. When you know what you’re looking for it’s great to set a target. Having a concrete idea in your mind of what you’re trying to achieve puts the goal into focus. Be it writing 3,000 words a day on your novel or running five miles. It’s one of the keys to success, however, it’s just one of many. Knowing the rest of the path towards your goal is vital to obtaining the success you’re seeking. Learning the right mindset, understanding why you fall into ruts and maintain bad habits, and understanding the reward system that your mind uses to keep you where you are and prevents you from going where you want to be is so important when it comes to finally breaking free from your old ways and making strides in your life.

Roadblocks to Goal Setting

TOPUCU is all about giving you the knowledge and understanding of how to finally achieve better things for yourself – goal setting is just the start. Our program is all about empowering you to overcome the roadblocks that are keeping you from success. The real trick is that so many of these roadblocks are self-inflicted, people try to skip to the end of the story without learning the proper path and that is why they come up short. Understanding yourself and truly knowing what is preventing you from the great things you seek to do is what TOPUCU’s course is all about. We impart knowledge that will give you self-awareness and let you finally begin to make the changes you’re looking for.

Our seven step program will walk you through all the different struggles and pitfalls that bedevil people when they are seeking to make a positive change in their lives. We’ll show you exactly why our mantra of The Only Person You Cheat Is You is so true. The life you’re living isn’t the one you want and staying stuck in that lifestyle is cheating yourself of the better things in life that you should have. You can be better and TOPUCU is here to make that a reality for yourself. We’re here to make sure that the next time you’re working on goal setting you’ll be able to achieve them.

Importance of Time Management

Importance of Time Management

Importance of Time Management


Understanding the importance of time management and making the most of your time is something lots of people want to do but few people manage to make it happen. With all the distractions that we have in today’s world, it’s so easy to spend all day binge-watching a TV show or arguing on Facebook. There are so many ways to spend a day without being productive or doing anything. Projects get forgotten, hitting the gym doesn’t happen. You never get to work on fixing the things around the house that need to be fixed. You make excuses for why you didn’t get around to doing the things you were supposed to and you tell yourself you’ll get it done later. Procrastination never seems like it’s that big of a problem and that’s what makes it so insidious. It pushes the concept of the importance of time management into a corner to be forgotten. Nobody ever thinks they are going to run out of time and that’s when things can go wrong. The problems around the house get so severe you need professional help to deal with them. Your project gets forgotten or somebody completes it instead of you and gets the credit. You stay out of shape and get health problems. Procrastination is one of the worst bad habits somebody could have.


Procrastination is Holding You Back

Importance of Time Management
Importance of Time Management

When you finally understand that procrastination has been holding you back and you need to make a change in your life, you’ll need to find the right tools to fight through this bad habit and start to do things without putting them off. You need a framework to make your days more productive and being able to accomplish more. Once you understand the importance of time management, learning how to budget your time to effectively and using time appropriately,  is a vital skill to master. You can still have time to have fun and maybe catch a nap now and then but you have to be focused and tend to your tasks. Much as a child having to do their homework before they can play you have to handle business first before you can engage in recreation.


Importance of Time Management with TOPUCU

At TOPUCU we help you understand exactly how bad habits happen and how to start creating good habits that will allow you to live a happier, more productive life. Our seven step program breaks down the process of habits and the reward system that comes with them. You’ll start to understand why you do things and what can be done to change your mindset and get you to quit procrastinating and start doing the things you need to do.  The importance of time management becomes clear and learning the skills to achieve more is at hand.

Be More Productive

Being more productive will also make you more self-confident. Knowing that you can handle whatever is thrown at you and knowing you’re responsible is a great feeling for a person to have. It is one of the biggest components of the TOPUCU system. Giving those who learn our techniques the self-confidence and will to achieve is something we take pride in. Getting people to truly believe in themselves is what we’re looking to do and fostering better habits and a better mindset is what we’re looking to achieve. You can do and achieve more.  The importance of time management can become clear.  TOPUCU will help you do it.  

Reducing Recidivism | Getting on the Right Path


Reducing Recidivism | Getting on the Right Path

Reducing recidivism is a challenge for our society and for individuals.  People who are trying to break bad habits and find ways to stay in a healthy and positive mindset often find that the long-term struggle is a daunting one.  A week or two of avoiding eating bad foods leads to a cheat day that ends up being the end of a diet. Avoiding drinking for a month leads to you finally getting drunk because you’re out with friends and you don’t want to seem like you’re not fun and not one of the guys. Habits are part of who we are and breaking free of your habits is hard work. When a person has committed a crime or many crimes in their life finding a way to get free of that lifestyle is a real challenge. Recidivism is a serious problem that plagues people that start towards a bad path. Finding ways to break bad habits is one of the major keys when it comes to reducing recidivism and getting people to rebuild their lives.

Reducing Recidivism not Just by Punishment

reducing recidivism
Reducing Recidivism

When we think of the justice system there is a tendency to think only of the punishment of the guilty party. There is a mentality to lock somebody up and throw away the key when it comes to dealing with people who commit crimes. While punishment must be a part of any legal system the guilty party must be allowed to try to rebuild their life after paying the debt they owe to society. Reducing recidivism in finding ways to rehabilitate criminals and getting them to become productive members of society is good for everyone. Having people that can set an example for others who have made mistakes in their lives is a great way to get more people to believe that they too can make the positive changes needed to leave a life of criminality behind them and walk the path of the honest and law-abiding citizen. Reducing recidivism is not only good for the individual but a benefit to our society.

Change Habits: Reduce Recidivism

Finding ways to break bad habits and instilling good habits is what TOPUCU is all about. Things like weight loss, addiction, wasteful spending, and other bad habits are all issues we seek to address and fix but when it comes to the bad habit of criminal activity, it can literally be a matter of your freedom or even your life. While people might think that the penalty of jail and loss of freedom might be a powerful enough motivator to get somebody to not break the law, the truth is that criminality, like any other habit, is a struggle that must be overcome.  Efforts at reducing recidivism must be approached with the mindset of changing that criminal bad habit.

Positive Results

The results of teaching the TOPUCU system to criminals has been extremely positive.  Nearly two-thirds of those who have learned the methods TOPUCU teachings have reduced the amount of their criminal thinking and seventy percent have gained self-confidence from the fact that they believe they can improve their lives by following the TOPUCU system. Nine out of ten say they understood the program and how to apply its teachings to their lives. Positive steps to reducing recidivism.  Helping anyone end a bad habit is a good thing, turning around the lives of criminals is one of the best things possible.

Make Good Choices Every Day

Making Good Choices

Make Good Choices

Make good choices – a critical principle in life.  For instance, after you finish a long shift at work you’ll likely have some decisions to make about what you do afterward. Do you go to the bar and have a few beers and a burger, or maybe you’ll just hit the drive through and get a giant pile of a burger, fries, ice cream, and a soda. You could do these things or you could drive home and make something healthy to eat, saving yourself some money and keeping yourself from eating bad food. Learning how you make good choices and turning those choices into good habits seems daunting at first, but it’s not as hard as you might think. The bad habits you have are things you have learned and they can be unlearned. The good habits you want to have can replace them. It is possible to get to where you want to be and here at TOPUCU, we’re all about getting you to that better place in your life and make good choices.

Self-Assessment to Make Good Choices

Make good choices
Make good choices

Falling into a bad habit can be the result of misdirected emotions. The stress you feel at work can lead you to drinking to try to take the edge off your emotions. Struggling to pay bills might lead you to recklessly spend money on the lottery or other get rich quick schemes. Understanding your emotions and coming to terms with what is happening inside your body and your mind is fundamental to being able to change what you’re doing and getting yourself to start to make good choices in your life. Grounding yourself and taking stock of your situation is something everyone should try to do whenever they feel put upon or overwhelmed by the events going on in their life. What’s the reason you go out to buy a pack of cigarettes? Why do you reward yourself with a six pack of beer after a hard week’s labor? What is the root cause of your desire to do these things? Unlocking this information is the key to understanding yourself and the first step to make good choices.

Learn to Make Good Choices

At TOPUCU our course explains the journey for you in a simple and easy to understand way. All the tools you’ll need to be able to start to make good choices and building a better life for yourself will be given to you. As you go through each of the seven steps of our program you’ll begin to see how the bad habits and routines you have are holding you back from your true potential. Whatever your goal is, be it making more money, losing weight, breaking free of addiction, or some other personal goal you are striving to achieve TOPUCU will help you get there.

Odds are you’ve tried to fix the problems in your life countless times before without success. Diets fail, jobs are hard to find, letting go of your vices is too daunting, but these things can be done. You can make good choices. You have it within you to be able to remove this negativity from your life and start yourself on a better path. Let TOPUCU be your guide to the life you want to have.