Good Habits in the New Year

Good Habits in the New Year

Good Habits in the New Year: With the start of the new year, people are often thinking about New Year’s Resolutions.  Looking towards starting the new year off with a renewed sense of purpose and determination to finally achieve some of the goals they have set out for themselves in the past yet never happened to achieve them. This time they’ll stick to their New Year’s Resolutions and finally lose some weight, learn how to speak Spanish, make more money, and other goals you hear people talk about all the time. Yet when March rolls around, they are back eating at McDonald’s, the Spanish lessons go ignored, and they haven’t activated their Uber App in a month. What is it that makes it so hard to follow through on your goals? Why is it that our good intentions are so hard to translate into good actions?  Why are changing habits so difficult?

It’s rough being asked about how your diet is going when you know you’ve been eating poorly. It’s hard to deal with people asking you how your creative project is progressing when you know you haven’t spent any time on it. Deep down you wonder why exactly you aren’t working on these things and why is it that you keep falling into the same rut over and over again. You don’t need your spouse to tell you the pint of ice cream you’re eating isn’t on your diet. You know this but you can’t help yourself. You feel like a creature of habit trapped in the bad impulses that keep you from doing the things you want to do. You’re stuck in a cycle of failed attempts, and it gets to the point where you wonder if you should even bother trying again. You know what needs to be done, and yet for some reason, you just can’t do it.

New Year – New Habits

Good Habits in the New Year
Good Habits in the New Year

What is it that’s holding you back? Why is it that every time you strive for good habits in the new year that they fail to come to fruition? You’re not dumb. You know that you should be going to the gym, or looking for a better job. But, when the time comes, you find yourself working the same shifts for the same pay and enjoying a night of beer, steaks, and all the sides you get your hands on. You promise you’ll change things soon and that this time you don’t break your New Year’s Resolution, but It’s a promise you never end up keeping. What exactly is it that makes you unable to act upon your desire to improve your life? What’s holding you back from doing the things you know, you should be doing instead of doing the things you know aren’t healthy? Why are habits so hard to break?

The problem is you’ve never been taught about how a habit forms and what it means to truly break a bad habit and how to foster and improve a good habit. You know not to do bad things like overeat, push things off till the last minute, or play video games instead of working on essential projects. Yet, you always seem to be finding excuses to do those things. Your arm hurts, you’re too tired to think, you’ll get to it first thing tomorrow. You find ways to justify sticking with your bad habits even when you know you shouldn’t. What is making you do this? Is there a way to stop doing it? How do you break the cycle and finally get to where you want to be? 


TOPUCU Changing Habits

The reason you can’t break bad habits is that you’ve never truly been taught to understand bad habits. How habits form, and then once they are created, how you develop and maintain them even when you don’t want to. We here at TOPUCU will explain how this process happens and show you exactly how you need to change your life to break free of these issues and finally get yourself back on the right path. Our seven-step starter program begins with explaining to you how exactly you become conditioned to repeating bad habits and how to break out of that cycle once and for all.

Steps Away

Step one of the program will explain to you what the trigger for your bad habit is, be it stress from a day at work, or just the fact that it’s the weekend, and you always go out to drink on the weekend. We’ll break down how the trigger generates a routine in your mind that you are then rewarded for completing by your brain. Understanding how these things all connect is the vital first step towards managing your bad habits and changing them in a way that makes it so you don’t go back to them.

The second step of the program is learning about the power of motivation and understanding what truly motivates you. It’s nice to have people praise your weight loss or commend you for getting better at creative writing or learning a new language. Still, the motivation you have that comes from seeking out the praise of others isn’t nearly as powerful as the motivation that comes from within. To truly make a change in your life requires you to be driven and determined to achieve it. Internal motivation is always stronger than external motivation.

The next step in the program is understanding the true meaning of pain. We think of pain being something we deal with after a hard workout or the suffering from withdrawal that comes from giving up smoking or drinking. Still, that pain is fleeting and one part of the healing process that gets you to a better place and a happier life. The real pain is the pain of not living up to your potential or to achieve your goals. The pain of not being able to do what you really want to do is hidden from us at the moment, but it can fill our lives with regret. Understanding this pain and working to avoid it is what we will instruct you about as we guide you towards improving your life. 


The Final Steps

The final four steps towards building good habits in the New Year are learning the Seven “E” s. The Seven E’s will show you how you can allow a negative thought to gain “Entrance” into your mind. Through our training, you’ll learn to work through the ways to prevent these thoughts from triggering your bad habits and help you reach the “Enveloped” state of knowledge. Then you’ll be taught visualization skills that will allow you to manifest your goals into reality. People are told about visualization and its use, but they aren’t told exactly how the process works and how to properly use it to be able to achieve the goals they’ve been seeking. 

From there, we’ll show you how to properly use time management to get the most out of your days. You only have a finite amount of time each day to handle all the different tasks you want to accomplish. Learn how to budget your time such that you’re not wasting your day away needlessly. Finally, you’ll burn the bridge with your past life and move forward with good habits that will last a lifetime. You can have a better life, and good habits for the new year can be achieved. You can do this, and we’ll be there to help.

Why SMART Goals


Why SMART Goals

Why SMART Goals?  Because achieving a goal is hard. Too often people set themselves up to fail by seeking to do something that’s far too daunting a task. They mean to do what they want to do but they fail to give themselves the proper means to obtain their goal. It’s this sort of plan that has good intentions but is poorly executed that leaves people trapped in a rut. It feels like it’s hopeless for them to be able to escape the situation they are in. They believe that they’ll never be able to overcome their bad habits and get themselves on a better path changing habits to good, and a better lifestyle.

This is why SMART Goals are such a good idea for a person looking to improve their life. SMART is the basis for being able to hold yourself accountable while giving yourself a goal that’s important to yourself and will make you feel better when you’ve done it. SMART stands Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound. SMART is an excellent way for you to set goals and to have the means by which to achieve them. The SMART system is a solid one for a people struggling to break bad habits to find a way out of the rut they are in.

SMART Goals are on Target

Specific is stating your goal to yourself. You should use action words to engage your mind in the practice of preparing for the task ahead of you. “I will lose 20 pounds in six weeks” “I will record a song this month.” “I will write a novel this year.” These statements are all excellent ways to begin the process of achieving your goal by setting up a specific goal for you to work towards. These are secure ways to start your journey towards completing your goal and doing something specific that will feel like an achievement.


Why SMART Goals Today
Why SMART Goals

Measurable is crucial because you need to be able to see your progress and to have data that shows you how you’re doing at the task at hand. You need to be able to see if the path you’re on is working or not. You should be losing a certain amount of weight a week, or have completed a section of a song in a few days, or have written an outline and some ideas for characters of your novel within a month. Being able to see progress and track your result will help you push forward towards your goals.


Achievable means that the goal is realistic and something that you know you are capable of but you just haven’t given yourself the proper motivation and effort to make it happen. You don’t want to do something that you believe is beyond your abilities. If you’re looking to get in shape and have never weight lifted before it might not be the best plan to set a goal of bench pressing 500 pounds in a couple of months. Knowing you can achieve your goal will push you to accomplish it.


Relevant means that you’re doing something that will really matter to your life. Losing weight to improve your health, getting better at work-related skills to try to eat a promotion. You finally get an article or story published. Doing something that you care about will make the effort doing it all the more worthwhile.


Time-Bound means you have a deadline by which to achieve your goal. Having a deadline is a great way to motivate yourself to finish the project. The deadline is there to help you get the project done. It’s part of the process of overcoming procrastination and getting yourself to do the hard work of completing the task. SMART goals are the solid foundation that allows you to achieve things you’ve always been looking to do for yourself. This is why SMART goals are such an excellent tool for breaking bad habits and establishing good habits to improve your life.


How to Achieve SMART Goals


While the SMART goal system is a good structure for somebody seeking to change a bad habit or to try to do something positive for themselves, it is only that, a structure. While you understand why SMART goals are reasonable goals to strive for you also need to know the fundamental reasons why people don’t manage to achieve the results they are looking for. This is what TOPUCU is all about. Our system is designed to teach you exactly why it is that bad habits are so hard for people to break and what one has to do to be able to retrain yourself out of bad habits and into good habits.

Seven Steps

The seven top course that TOPUCU teaches begins with understanding the process of how habits form. You’ll understand what the routines are that behind the trigger that makes your brain crave the reward that your lousy habit gives you. You’ll learn the steps that are needed to work yourself out of the bad habit and how to avoid the triggers that put you on the path of bad behavior and steer you towards building better habits that will allow you to achieve the things you’re striving for. Building good habits is a process, and this first step is an integral part of that process.


The next step in the process is understanding motivation and what drives people to change their lives and truly break their old habits. While having family and friends inspire you, and doctors or bosses tell you that they want you to make changes it’s essential to know that these external motivations are not what make people capable of making lasting changes in their lives. The drive for change must come from within. It is only personal, internal motivation that makes change possible to be sustained over the long haul. Keeping your motivation is vital to improving your life.

Why the Pain

The next step in the process is understanding pain. Pain in the TOPUCU sense is the discomfort one gets from trying to break a bad habit and the hard work you have to undertake to be able to change your habits from bad habits to good habits. There will be a struggle, and you will have to deal with the hard work of improving yourself but the pain of this process is nothing compared to the pain of a life lived without self-improvement. Knowing you are capable of great things but falling short of being able to do them is a pain that never truly goes away. TOPUCU is the motto that the only person you cheat is you and that is the harsh truth of failing to better yourself. You are robbing yourself of the better life you know that you are capable of.

Personal Transformation

The rest of the course will help you with visualization techniques that will allow you to see your better future and give you an understanding of how you’ll be able to achieve it. The skills you’ll need to understand precisely how much time you have in a day and a week and how to allocate that time to be able to do things to improve your life. SMART goals are a great way to help get yourself on track, and we at TOPUCU can understand why SMART goals are so helpful for people. We hope that using the training and skills we teach the people who take our courses will make achieving SMART goals all the easier.  Personal Transformation is within your reach.