What is Self-Management?

What is Self-Management? We all like to think we’re capable of handling the tasks put in front of us. We all want to think we can save some money, eat better, hit the gym, and get our work done without waiting till the last moment. We like to think we can set aside time to do things we want to do and handle the projects that have been put in front of us. It’s offensive when a boss, parent or spouse is there micromanaging our every move and nitpicking all our decisions. Self-management seems like an easy enough concept to understand, but in truth, it’s not the most straightforward question to answer, what is self-management? How does one become good at it and what are the skills required to understand how self-management works truly.

Self-management is the ability to do what you say you’ll do. It’s the power to control your life and to hold yourself accountable to a standard you’ve set. It’s not making excuses for why you didn’t ask for overtime when you want extra money for a trip. It’s abstaining from partying when you know you have poor behavior when you’re drunk. It’s having self-awareness and the will to stand with your judgment. It’s that moment when you’re by yourself and accountable to nobody else, and you have the option of doing the right thing or the easy thing, and you choose the right thing. How to get yourself into that mindset and to have that willpower is the challenge. You have to be strong enough and disciplined enough to do these things.

Understanding Self-Management

Self Management
What is Self-Management?

It’s going to bed when you’re tired. It’s not hitting Burger King when you’re stressed out. It’s not going back to smoking after you’ve quit for a week because it’s only one cigarette and that doesn’t count as smoking. Having the ability to set out a plan and then achieve it is the pinnacle of self-management, and it’s something so very few people can honestly do. Bad habits exist for a reason. Being in a rut is something that’s so very hard to escape from because you’re pre-conditioned to keep repeating those same behaviors over and over again. Your brain recognizes bad habits, and on some level, it enjoys them even if you know they are bad. You go back to what you know even when you know you shouldn’t do it because you promise yourself it’s the last time you’ll ever do it. You’ll make a clean break tomorrow. Tomorrow’s always the best day to make changes in your life. That’s not the best answer to “What is Self-Management?”

Because it always feels like there will be a tomorrow. You’ll still have a chance to make the right decision some other day. Today’s too hard. The kids aren’t listening to you, the spouse was sick and couldn’t help around the house, and you’ve earned a drink or two to blow off a little steam after you get the kids to bed. When you finally get a good night’s sleep and have a clear head and an easy day is the day you’ll stop drinking. It all sounds so easy. That’s why the drinks keep flowing. The perfect day that allows you to make the right choice never comes, so you make the natural choice. You hate yourself for doing it, but you feel powerless to change and fix the problem. You’ve looked everywhere for help and advice on the issue, but nothing seems to help. You feel like you’re trapped, and you’ll never get free of your bad habits that are ruining the quality of your life.

Getting Started

Personal Transformation and understanding how to break these cycles of bad habits and to finally change your life permanently in a positive way can is possible. TOPUCU stands for The Only Person You Cheat is You, and it is a mantra you should take to heart. You are cheating yourself out of a better life by going back to your old habits. You could have so many good things happening for yourself if you committed to them. Of course, learning how to commit to those good things truly is the challenge and TOPUCU is here to finally show you the path to the better life you can have.

What is Self-Management
What is Self-Management

With the TOPUCU course, you’ll go through the seven steps that will allow you to see how to overcome your previous bad habits and build and maintain good habits that will improve your life and make things better for yourself. From the very first step, you’ll begin to understand precisely why it is that you’re stuck in your bad habits and start unlocking the secrets that will start the process of freeing yourself from them. You’ll understand the concepts of the trigger, the routine, and the reward. You’ll come to grips with how your bad habits are a reaction to events in your life and how to build better, more positive responses and maintain them.

Moving Forward

Then you’ll learn about how important internal motivation is, and while it’s nice to get external motivation from friends, family and support groups, it’s still you that has to find the will to motivate yourself to be able to achieve lasting improvement. You’re looking for a better life and a better future, and you can achieve that if you’re finding the right ways to inspire yourself to push forward and meet the challenges you’ve put in front of yourself.
As you move through the rest of the lessons, you’ll learn all sorts of valuable knowledge. About how the pain of staying where you are is permanent and while it’s subtle, it never goes away. The pain of changing habits from bad to good can be challenging to deal with but it is transitory, and once you’ve managed to make your way through that period, the reward on the other side of it is very much worth it. You’ll learn about how to manage your time effectively and make yourself accountable for your tasks. No longer will procrastination sneak into your life and make things harder than they should be. You’ll be the one ahead of the game and have free time to spend with others because you were focused and determined to handle your tasks without wasting time.

You can do better. You can be an expert at self-management. It might seem impossible but it’s not, success can be achieved, and TOPUCU is here to help you make it happen. Do not let your potential go to waste. Do not cheat yourself and live a life that isn’t as great as it should be. Challenge yourself to excellence and follow the TOPUCU path and you’ll be able to obtain it.