To help you continue your Personal Transformation, we’ve developed the TOPUCU Planner / Journal.  Daily use of the Planner / Journal will “Increase the Odds” of success.  You’ll stay on track, keep motivated, focus on your goals and chart your successes daily.

With this tool, you’ll make a list of the six most important tasks to accomplish each day and work to optimize the 168 hours you have each week. True lasting transformation takes time – using that time wisely and effectively creates change.

This Planner / Journal will last you 90 days through your journey to create lasting change in your personal transformation.  Included in each Planner / Journal is a list of daily motivational quotes, a summary of each of the TOPUCU principles and Personal Mission Statement Review.

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The TOPUCU Planner/Journal will help you continue your Personal Transformation daily.

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