Good Habits During The Holidays

Good Habits During The Holidays

Practicing good habits during the Holidays can be a challenge for anyone to stay on track. You might have had some success losing weight over the summer and fall. Still, when the winter and the holidays approach, it becomes so much easier to help yourself to some extra turkey and stuffing. That you can write off a few days of eating poorly as just part of the season and that you’ll get around to eating better in a few days. The next thing you know, you’ve gained ten pounds and keep putting off getting back on your diet or going back to the gym because that’ll be part of your “New Year’s Resolution.” 

Habits and Resolutions?

Eating with Good Habits During the Holidays
Eating and Good Habits During the Holidays

The New Year’s Resolution is a part of the problem in and of itself. It’s a way to give yourself roughly a month and a half of bad habits to indulge in before promising to turn things around for yourself. If you want to change something you are doing, there is no better time to make that change than right now. Putting things off to the future is procrastination, and it’s one of the most insidious and dangerous of the bad habits you can have. Procrastination doesn’t feel like a bad habit because it’s comfortable and easy. Procrastination is not applying yourself or putting any effort into getting things done. You’re sure you have all the time in the world ahead of you to finally get around to do whatever it is you are planning to do. Ultimately, everything ends up rushed at the last minute. Don’t wait for a New Year’s Resolution to change things in your life, make the promise to yourself to change things today.

Disruptions to your routine are something that will happen in the holiday season. Vacations from work, spending time with family, there are countless ways to have the day to day events of your life uprooted by the holiday season. From having to scramble to get gifts for your friends and family to hosting or attending parties with co-workers and other business associates. You’re bound to be thrust into difficult situations that crop up once a year. And, there’s the day-long day of feasting with your family that is Thanksgiving. These are all reasons to quit practicing the guitar or to stop listening to your Spanish tapes. The holidays present challenges and issues that can take anyone out of their rhythm.  You’ve put in a situation where you stop trying because you just can’t find the time to do the things you had done previously. 

Good Habits During the Holidays is Hard

Holidays are a time when one is supposed to be charitable and giving. The most generous thing you can do for yourself is to take care of yourself and make sure you are doing everything to keep healthy, engaged, and feeling right. Practicing good habits during the holidays is difficult. The world throws a lot of crazy stuff at us and the holiday season can be one full of all sorts of stress and unexpected events that makes it hard to cope. You might think that you’ll just have a holiday cigarette or two to help you get through the season and quit on New Year’s (That dreaded New Year’s Resolution again). It’s this time of year that can lead people towards the bad habits they swore they broke years ago. How does one stay on track and keep doing the good things they enjoy while avoiding the bad things that have been hurting them for so long?

If you feel like you’re falling back into old habits and not understanding why it’s happening to you or how to get back to the good life you were living, you need to know that you are not alone. That dealing with these sorts of issues has plagued people for as long as civilization has been around. Understanding how habits form and what causes you to act on a bad habit is something we here at TOPUCU are happy to teach you all about. 

Build Good Habits During the Holidays with TOPUCU

Good Habits During the Holidays
Good Habits During the Holidays

The TOPUCU 7 step program will educate and inform you about the nature of habits and how to cultivate and encourage good habits while getting rid of bad ones that are hindering you. The first step of our program will explain to you the triggering events that make you enter into a routine that gives your mind a reward. This is the process that you need to understand so that you can better handle situations that would encourage you to engage in the bad habits you’ve formed over the years. Learning how habits are formed Is the first step towards breaking them. 

The second step of our plan explores the scales of motivation.  Understanding that while approval and praise from others is good for you to seek out while you’re breaking a bad habit or learning a good habit, the heavy side of the scale will always be tilted in favor of your own personal motivation and goals. Without being driven to achieve success, you will never be able to make real progress. You’ll need to understand how to motivate yourself and keep yourself focused on getting the result you’ve always wanted. 

The third step on the journey is understanding the true nature of pain. Pain is typically thought of as being how the way you feel when you give up eating your favorite food or skipping out on a late-night snack. Pain generally is measured in how sore you are after a day at the gym. This is what pain is said to be whenever we hear about pain in our day to day lives. The truth is that this pain is temporary and easy to overcome. The pain of a life of regrets for having not changed your bad habits is long-lasting and harder to escape. To avoid the true pain of a life that wasn’t lived to its full potential is something everyone should seek to avoid. 

TOPUCU Seven E’s

From there, you will learn the seven E’s that allow you to develop your habit-building capabilities fully.  Start the process of making the better you that you have always sought to create. Then we’ll help you unlock the powerful tool that is visualization. Allowing your mind to see what a better life could be like is the best way to help you make it into a reality. You may have heard of different tips and tricks about how to make visualization work, and that’s all well and good. Still, here at TOPUCU, we will explain the process step by step and show you how to achieve it. 

Next, we will show you how to budget your time correctly and then finally begin the process of burning the bridge to your past life and starting your new life free from the burden of your previous bad habits. TOPUCU is all about giving you a better life you’ve always deserved. The Holiday season is full of joy and celebration. Still, it can also be a stressful time to navigate for some people. TOPUCU will help you make it to the new year without backsliding into bad habits. You deserve a new year without any regrets or resolutions, and we’ll help you achieve it.

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