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Personal Development Goals

Personal Development Goals

Learning better habits and sticking to them is a tough thing to achieve but it can be done. Learning the proper mindset and the tactics of people who have improved their lives and benefitted from their good habits is a model that you can apply to your life to get yourself to where you want to be. Setting personal development goals is a good way to hold yourself accountable towards getting something done. So many bad habits seem like they ingrained into who we are as people that finding a way to break loose of them seems almost impossible. It can be done, and we here at TOPUCU are here to help you find your way forward.  Setting personal development goals is just one of the first steps to explore.

Changing Habits | First Step to Personal Development Goals

Personal Development Goals
Personal Development Goals

TOPUCU’s seven-step program for helping you change your life begins with changing your habits. That’s the building block the rest of the program is based upon. Learning what is causing your bad habits and how to change them is the key to fixing the problems that are plaguing your life. You know the things you are doing are bad but you don’t understand why you are doing them. Understanding the why is the most important part of being able to change what you are doing. If you are constantly tired you need to understand why it is that you go to bed later than you should, rather than just lamenting the fact that you go to bed late. Understanding why it is that you’re doing something is how you get to the root cause of the bad habit and work towards correcting it. This is the fundamental principle of TOPUCU’s seven-step guide to self-improvement and achieving personal development goals.

Once you have uncovered the trigger for why you’re engaging in the bad habit you can work to remove that trigger. You remove the trigger – you’re marching toward your personal development goals. It could be stress over your job or your relationship. Anger that you have over something that you’re not finding a constructive way to express it. You could be with friends and not wanting to appear unsocial by leaving early or by not doing the things they are doing. There are countless reasons why we do things but figuring out the underlying reason is what allows us to stop doing bad things and start doing good things. Instead of stress keeping you up at night unproductively fretting over the issues that are bothering you, it could be the reason for going out on a walk to burn off some energy, find a way to quiet your mind and then return home capable of finally getting to bed at a reasonable time.

Personal Development is Hard

Personal development goals are hard, but they can be done. If you’re finding yourself endlessly trying and failing to break through your bad habits then maybe you should look into TOPUCU’s system for self-improvement. Their seven-step program will guide you along the path to understanding yourself and learning the ways to better yourself. You’ll see that a brighter future and better habits are possible for you and that you can overcome the things that are holding you back. You can be the person you’ve always wanted to be.  You can achieve your personal development goals!

Understanding Time Management

Time Management

Time Management: Tool for Success

Bad time management is a habit that afflicts many people. Putting things off until the last minute or even past their deadlines is something that happens to so many people and it leaves them continually scrambling to make their deadlines. Lack of sleep, stress, and work that is poorly done or studying that is ineffective is the likely outcomes of being a constant procrastinator. Understanding how to create excellent time management skills and working to make sure you get the most out of every day is one of the biggest keys to finally unlocking your full potential and becoming the person you’ve always wanted to be. And, having time management that works for you.

Time Management is a Learned Skill

TOPUCU is a seven-part program to teach you how to make better habits that will stick with you for the rest of your life.  It touches on many subjects, from accurately learning what causes you to perform bad habits to how you can create and reinforce good habits in your life.

Time Management
Time Management

The most important part of the problem for this discussion is lesson six, learning the importance of time management. This critical step in the process of re-inventing yourself is one of most significant actions you’ll have to take as you leave your old life behind and embrace the new life that is there ahead of you. You will be in a far better position to do the things you’ve always wanted to do in your life once you have a keen grasp on time management and how to properly use your time.

Learning how to make and set a schedule is a process that takes time. You have to be honest with yourself about how long work takes for you to complete it. That project that you only set aside forty-five minutes for ended up running three hours. Being able to understand what you can do for an allotted period is vital to be able to make out a realistic timeline for the day ahead. Extending beyond that to the week or the month is another challenge you’ll have to undertake and learn how to master. As you take these steps forward, you’re learning time management and taking control of your life.

168 Hours of Time Management

How do you use your 168 hours in a week? Once you keep track of how you’ve used your time for a week or two, you’ll be amazed at how much downtime you’ve had and how much productivity was wasted by doing things that didn’t matter.

Time Management
Time Management

When you see what has controlled your life instead of your goals, you come to grips with the knowledge that the things you want in life are only going to be yours if you genuinely point yourself in the right direction and strive to obtain them. Hoping and wishing is not a plan. It’s not time management. You need a course of action; you need a plan and the will to execute it. TOPUCU makes it quite clear that the only person you cheat is you when it comes to bad habits, poor time management and a lack of understanding of how to correct these problems. With their guidance, you can become who you want to be and have the life you want to live.


Secrets to Changing Habits

Changing Habits

Changing Habits

Are you looking for a solution to changing habits? Why do you have bad habits? Why are bad habits so hard to break? What are the tools to learn good habits and how can you get yourself into a proper mindset to create good habits that you’ll keep doing every day? Why do you elect to eat bad food every day instead of going for a long walk every day? What’s holding you back from taking that walk? These are the questions you need answers and with TOPUCU you’ll find the answers you’ve been searching for and finally begin the process of learning and maintaining good habits – and changing habits that are counterproductive.

How to Change Habits

You’ll understand exactly how a habit is formed and what’s needed for changing a habit. Habits have three steps to them, trigger, routine, reward. People focus on the second part of this process, the routine that they do. They think the habit they engage comes naturally and is just something they do. It’s not, there is an underlying reason for why they are doing it and they need to understand that first and foremost if changing habits is ever going to take hold. Once the trigger is understood and acknowledged then the routine can be broken down and rebuilt as a good habit that will lead to a good reward. A critical step in changing habits. Instead of eating food after work because that’s just what you do after work you’ll understand why you’re doing that. Is it the stress from your shift that makes you order the food? Is it hunger because you’re not bringing food to work beforehand? The reason for why you’re making that bad decision will be understood and once you understand that, being able to make the good decision will become so much easier. You’ll be on your way to changing habits that you want to control.

Changing Habits Takes Effort

Changing Habits
Changing Habits

Changing habits takes time and effort. It’s a lot of work to correct a bad habit. The habit has become so ingrained in your life, be it smoking, drugs, drinking, gambling, or whatever else it is that has a grip on your life and won’t let go. You need to break the habit that is ruining your life. You need to learn to find the motivation that comes from fixing a bad habit and understanding the pain you feel while changing habits is only temporary, while the pain of continuing your habit never goes away and only gets worse with time.

Changing Habits with TOPUCU

The seven-step program TOPUCU gives you will get you on the right track to finally understand the way to train your mind to engage in good habits. Undertaking the course and applying the knowledge gained from it will get you to understand exactly why you have been making the decisions that led you to your bad habits. Good habits and bad habits all come from the same process and fully understanding how to liberate yourself from that cycle and start making the good decisions that will lead to good habits that will improve your life and finally get you to where you’ve always wanted to be. Be it breaking an addiction, losing weight, controlling your temper, or some other issue you’ve struggled with your whole life there is a solution. You’re just a step away from changing habits. Let TOPUCU show you the way.

Personal Transformation | Re-inventing Yourself

personal transformation

Re-inventing Yourself

What is a personal transformation? It’s the task of changing who you are and becoming the person you want to be. There are so many things people want to do in their lives. To lose weight, to break free from an addiction, to learn a skill or trade, to start making more money. People have goals and desires and it’s frustrating when you’re watching your scale not move, or you’re back smoking a pack a day, or you’re going nowhere in your career. You’ve been motivated to change these things in your life yet something is holding you back. There is something that’s not just working for you when you try to make that big change. You’ve read all the books on how to do what you’re trying to do but every time you do it you come up short. There has to be a reason why you’re failing and you need to know what it is.

Personal transformation

Make New Habits

Enter TOPUCU. TOPUCU is a company that is all about personal transformation. We can teach you how to think, how to understand the habits and routines that you have and why you’re going what you’re doing. We can show you the reasons why you do what you do and how to begin the process of changing your routine and getting you out of the cycle of bad decisions that keep you stifled and unable to get where you’re trying to go. We can show you that the first thing you need to achieve is a better mental mindset that is capable of change and personal transformation.

Emotionally, people want to change their lives and they take steps to do so, but without having a clear mind and an understanding of how they can go about making that change it becomes extremely difficult to do what they are trying to do.


Personal Transformation

TOPUCU’s seven-step program will help you understand exactly what it takes to make the positive changes in your life that you’ve been seeking to make. We explain to you step by step how to reshape your life and get yourself on track. You will learn the life skills and gain the mental tools needed to finally remove the negative things from your life that have been holding you back and replace them with new habits and routines that will finally unleash the potential inside you. This is the path that gets you to where you want to be.

Become a Finisher

Once you have finished the seven-step program you’ll take a final finisher course that will help you look at each part of your life. Work, family, health, education. Everything you have going on in your life needs to be reviewed and you need to work out exactly what it is you to achieve in each of these areas. You’ll write a personal mission statement defining your goals and what you seek to achieve in the future. This is your promise to yourself of a better life in the future and with TOPUCU’s help, you’ll be able to achieve it.