Personal Transformation

Become the Person You Want to Become

Goal Setting for Success

By topucufinisher | Aug 16, 2018

Elusive Goal Setting Goal setting identifies things we would all like to be able to accomplish. Lose a few pounds, save a few dollars, spend more time with the family, or put more time and effort into a creative endeavor. Whatever your goal is it’s something that’s likely been off in the distance, things keep … Read more

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Importance of Time Management

Importance of Time Management

By topucufinisher | Jul 26, 2018

Importance of Time Management   Understanding the importance of time management and making the most of your time is something lots of people want to do but few people manage to make it happen. With all the distractions that we have in today’s world, it’s so easy to spend all day binge-watching a TV show … Read more

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Reducing Recidivism | Getting on the Right Path

By topucufinisher | Jul 16, 2018

Reducing Recidivism | Getting on the Right Path Reducing recidivism is a challenge for our society and for individuals.  People who are trying to break bad habits and find ways to stay in a healthy and positive mindset often find that the long-term struggle is a daunting one.  A week or two of avoiding eating … Read more

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Making Good Choices

Make Good Choices Every Day

By topucufinisher | Jun 25, 2018

Make Good Choices Make good choices – a critical principle in life.  For instance, after you finish a long shift at work you’ll likely have some decisions to make about what you do afterward. Do you go to the bar and have a few beers and a burger, or maybe you’ll just hit the drive … Read more

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Personal Development Goals

Personal Development Goals | Better Every Day

By topucufinisher | Jun 11, 2018

Personal Development Goals Learning better habits and sticking to them is a tough thing to achieve but it can be done. Learning the proper mindset and the tactics of people who have improved their lives and benefitted from their good habits is a model that you can apply to your life to get yourself to … Read more

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Time Management

Understanding Time Management

By topucufinisher | May 22, 2018

Time Management: Tool for Success Bad time management is a habit that afflicts many people. Putting things off until the last minute or even past their deadlines is something that happens to so many people and it leaves them continually scrambling to make their deadlines. Lack of sleep, stress, and work that is poorly done … Read more

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Changing Habits

Secrets to Changing Habits

By topucufinisher | May 8, 2018

Changing Habits Are you looking for a solution to changing habits? Why do you have bad habits? Why are bad habits so hard to break? What are the tools to learn good habits and how can you get yourself into a proper mindset to create good habits that you’ll keep doing every day? Why do … Read more

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personal transformation

Personal Transformation | Re-inventing Yourself

By topucufinisher | Apr 24, 2018

Re-inventing Yourself What is a personal transformation? It’s the task of changing who you are and becoming the person you want to be. There are so many things people want to do in their lives. To lose weight, to break free from an addiction, to learn a skill or trade, to start making more money. … Read more

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