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what is transformation

What is Transformation

By topucufinisher | Oct 25, 2019

What is Transformation What is transformation? What is the process one must undertake to do something genuinely transformative? Thinking about such an event can make the task appear daunting or even impossible. The truth is that a personal transformation isn’t something that happens overnight or in one moment of clarity. A personal transformation is done … Read more

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building good habits

Building Good Habits

By topucufinisher | Sep 25, 2019

How to Start Building Good Habits We all want to do better in our lives. Odds are you want to make more money, lose some weight, maybe take up a new hobby like writing or playing a musical instrument. While these sorts of things are universal goals for people, it’s something that not many people … Read more

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Good Habits for Students

Five Good Habits for Students

By topucufinisher | Aug 24, 2019

Good Habits for Students As we head into the fall and a new school year is rapidly approaching. It’s an excellent time to present a list of good habits for students to get into as they tackle the challenges of the upcoming school year. Getting the most out of your education is something that will … Read more

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How to Change a Habit

By topucufinisher | Jul 18, 2019

How to Change a Habit, Once And For All Have you ever been halfway through eating your afternoon snack before you realized you weren’t even hungry? Are you unable to quit smoking, even though you’ve tried a dozen times? Do you have a gym membership that you haven’t used in years? Nobody is perfect. We’re … Read more

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What is Success in Life

By topucufinisher | Jun 22, 2019

Success in Life How do you measure success in life? Is it having enough savings to take a long vacation once a year? Is it buying a nicer car or a house? Is it finding love and building a relationship with somebody you want to spend the rest of your life with? Success is a … Read more

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Good Habits for Life Now

Good Habits For Life

By topucufinisher | May 22, 2019

Good Habits For Life Are good habits for life a myth?  We all want to be more successful at work and happier at home. We want time to enjoy the things that inspire us and to be able to handle the tasks we’re assigned in a timely fashion. We want to be able to set … Read more

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Why SMART Goals

By topucufinisher | Apr 25, 2019

Why SMART Goals Why SMART Goals?  Because achieving a goal is hard. Too often people set themselves up to fail by seeking to do something that’s far too daunting a task. They mean to do what they want to do but they fail to give themselves the proper means to obtain their goal. It’s this … Read more

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personal development goals

Setting Personal Development Goals

By topucufinisher | Mar 21, 2019

Personal Development Goals What exactly is personal development? What does it really mean to develop as a person? Generally speaking, personal development means improving yourself and becoming better than you were before: creating personal transformation. Self-improvement can take many different forms because there are so many different ways a person can seek to improve themselves … Read more

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Good Habits

Good Habits

By topucufinisher | Feb 21, 2019

Good Habits – Good Life Forming good habits is something everyone always talks about. How if you just stick to something long enough it’ll become second nature to you and help you truly get where you want to go. People speak of the framework of what a good habit is and how you can achieve … Read more

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